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Steel industry usher in a historic turning point: transformation + prices

The steel industry is growing more and more strong,the industry has entered a comprehensive rectification reform period in a series of good fermentation.Now many unstandards of enterprises are cleared out under such a backgroud. In addition to production capacity, steel enterprises are facing restructuring, reform, rectification, norms and a series. The market of the survival of the fittest law,coupled with clean up the steel and to the production capacity of the power, through the upper reaches strong production is also difficult to fill the gap at once.

During the past two months,the steel price rise so sharply that we are feeling dream. This is not only a simple price rising, but also the  the entire steel industry reform, and we just witnessed this historic scene. May is a shock callback, June is to rise, July is soaring, all is supported by the reform policy.

Many users think country support state-owned enterprises by fighting against private enterpise. First of all,most of the private enterprises is affected by such a large-scale remediation.Private enterprises are mostly small and medium. Usually the environmental protection and production safety is not particularly perfect,can not be compared to the state-owned enterprises .Moreover, the national small and medium-sized steel mills is so many in China, so it will seem like all private enterprises were rectified, but In fact, the face of increasingly full industry, such a rectification is sooner or later.

In fact many stated-owned mills were ordered to stop production.Baosteel Wuhan Iron and Steel merger is the product of reform. even Jinan Iron and Steel is the tens of thousands of steel workers youth memory through the ups and downs of 59 years, but in the new era of industry reform under the call, in line with the national development strategy needs, in July 8 this year, all have been discontinued, which also Marking the production capacity adjustment in Shandong Province has taken a crucial step.

In the era of the environment, some sacrifices are inevitable, but also helpless, like Ji Gang's cut off the same line, people sigh, but also people sorry, but in order to cope with the steel industry to adjust the structure, to the capacity of the situation needs, This result is inevitable, who told us to go in the history of this mark it?

All along, China's steel industry overcapacity, industrial structure confusion, the quality of the market circulation of goods uneven, quite a mixed bag, suffering from the international community's criticism and attack, but also to the domestic market has been an unprecedented development dilemma, and now pain Big rectification is also the situation forced, otherwise, the industry want to talk about "development" is difficult to word.

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