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The mainly difference of marine plate and general Carbon Steel Plate

The chemical composition, mechanical properties is similar Q235 steel plate and ship steel plate despite, but their internal organizational performance is different due to the different production processes。

The quality of marine steels is an important factor affecting the safety of the ship and should be included in the quality control of the relevant supervisory department. Otherwise, all kinds of miscellaneous steel may be mixed into the hull structure. In particular, some non-standard shipyards may even purchase "steel scrap"  brings hidden dangers to ship safety. For guarantee the The Ship manufacturing quality and navigation safety, can not be used Q235 steel plate, should be strictly adopted by the Check qualified  hull structure steel plate construction ship.

The list of specific differences between the two is as follows


Item Marine Plate Q235 Plate
Standard 1.CCS Materials and welding specification carbon structural steel:GB700-88
2.hull structure steel GB712-2000
Grade A,B,D,E A,B,C,D
impact test temperature 20,0,-20,-40 20,0,-20
Tensile Strength 400-520MPA 375-500MPA
Yield Strength ≥235 ≥235
C < 0.14-0.22,0.12-0.20,≤0.18,≤0.17
Mn >2.5C,0.80,0.60,0.70 0.30-0.65,0.30-0.70,0.35-0.80,0.35-0.80
Si <0.50,0.35,0.35,0.35 <0.30
S <0.35 <0.05,0.045,0.040,0.035
P <0.35 <0.045,0.045,0.040,0.035
liquid iron Requirement P≤0.15%,S≤0.04 /
Argon blowing time 3 Min 1.5 Min
Surface Finish Factory with strict control Factory will often reduced the poor 
surface quality of the planking to Q235

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