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Price trend of steel on 28,June

une 27 futures market continues to rise steadily, tough attitude, billet cost is strong support, has been stained with a high of 3200, the current market is no longer too much to consider the demand side of the problem, simply demand in the off-season seems less important , Steel prices unilaterally to rise, and the production of steel did not stop, production speed up, production is to catch up with the consumption of inventory. The spot market continues to rise for futures market stabilized driven, the price rose larger, the steel market out of the season even better than the market during the entire off-season , people are also a little faint faint concern, after all, trading volume placed there,the end supplier seems to be a little "disregard" of the problem.

From the ground to the limit of steel two days left, a comprehensive ban on the end of the work, follow-up also need to strengthen the supervision of the work to prevent "resurgence" zombie enterprises appearing. June is really a memorable month, the Fed to raise interest rates, to complete the task of steel, steel prices rose sharply. it is not difficult to understand why people looking forward to July, there are billet and low Inventory supporting, steel prices are fairly stable, but there are risks to everything, people should not rely on a single thing to bring income, and also need to defense the behind risk.

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