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September first week steel prices rose as the rocket, fell as dripping! How to interpret the middle of the market.

1.Quotes review

Following the Bengang blast furnace security incident on Friday, the steel futures price rose sharply on that day.the weekend Tangshan billet raised $11, this is a strong boost to the market. Monday opened, spot a substantial increase in cash, more than $16, another year high.


2.Outlook for the next week

2.1.the demand is not the signs of the season

2.2.the supply side of long and short coexistence.

From the steel production situation, last week, 4747 cubic meters of blast furnace accident,Shengbao blast furnace, Liuzhou Iron and Steel blast furnace, emerging cast pipe desulfurization sintering equipment  accidents, triggering the market for environmental protection and security checks and escalation Is expected to further enhance. This week, including Anshan Iron Steel, Laiwu Steel, Tiantie and a large number of steel mills have announced that the production equipment will be overhauled, intensive monitoring of steel mills will have a certain impact on market supply.

2.3. the cost of resources is still high, but some steel mills are weak confidence to the price.

the steel mills prices generally increased substantially first half of the week, Fujian three steel, lian steel, shao steel and other steel mills on the ex-factory price increase of more than $16n / ton,.other steel prices fell the second half of the week, some steel prices turn Down, which Shandong, Jiangsu steel mills price reduction is relatively obvious. Zhejiang, Shandong environmental impact to end in mid-September, coupled with the end of the price acceptance is still not high, the recent steel mills and market inventories have accumulated, some steel mills have increased, more confidence than the previous weakened.

In conclusion, the domestic steel market has entered the traditional consumption season, but in the case of environmental supervision and property market regulation overweight, the terminal demand season is not busy, social stock accumulation, affected the market confidence partly. However, the current environmental protection, safety, heating season limited production and other subject matter is still pouring, the market supply is still limited. Expected short-term domestic steel prices or the continuation of a narrow range of consolidation trend.

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