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How to Inspect Steel Pipes

How to Inspect Steel Pipes?

Steel pipes are used in many fields, some are applied to the transportation of oil and gas, some are used in the high-pressure services, some are used in low temperature service and others steel pipes are use for mechanical service. So the acceptance test of steel pipes is a prerequisite for safe use.

Chengdu Derbo Steel Usually do third party inspection as the customer’s required.The steel pipe usually check the steel pipe chemical composition,mechanical property and the steel pipes size include pipe od, thickness,length etc or the inspection item as the customer’s requirement.

The customer usually do the inspection as the follows.

Firstly, please check the steel tube packaging, for it is the most basic thing. If there is strong movement during the transportation, the surface of the packaging will leave imprint, if there are obvious signs on the packaging, we must be careful, because it may have some influence to the inside of the pipe, but we can not jump to conclusions, we need to check the inner part of the steel pipe .

Secondly, check the steel pipe's surface cracks, scars, separation occurs. In addition, you also need to verify the specifications of the steel pipe in order to meet the requirements of the manufacturer's steelmakers flag. The steel pipe will be handed carefully, if not, it will damage the surface of steel pipes, which can pose a security risk.

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