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July 3 steel price trend

Accompanied by the arrival of July is not only typhoon, rainstorm season, there are prosperous steel city. The first opening this month (that is, today July 3), the futures market is still in a stable state of rising by the natural weather and other irresistible factors, most of the country in the rainfall, especially in Hunan, met the largest flood disaster of a hundred years, which Valin Lianyuan encountered a greater disaster, the current downtime in the state of suspension, by floods, heavy rain, etc., more traffic is also blocked, steel products upstream circulation rate decline, boost the market Prices rose steadily.

This morning the performance of deformed steel bar and hot roll is slightly better than the raw material market, steel market in July is impacted by thec limatic and conditions.transportation and production are blocked by extreme weather, making the supply side is not as expected is to ban the steel and environmental supervision, this is the people.Since the country has increased the safety of steel production remediation efforts this year, many steel production safety standards as a result of substandard, suspend production for rectification, environmental protection is also the same strengthening of governance, these factors together so that the supply side but in a tight State, it is not difficult to understand why the industry generally optimistic about the trend in July.

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