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Steel Price Outlook for this week

So how will steel prices change this week? The steel price of Shagang Group,Bao steel and other steel mills  raise prices sharply, will the steel prices rise again? With a lot of questions, go into the current market outlook.

1.High - level voices stabilized steel prices:In view of steel prices rise too fast in recent time. This week, Steel Association, Development and Reform Commission have held a forum on iron and steel industry situation. China Steel Association believes that the current sharp rise in steel futures is not driven by market demand or reduced market supply, but part of the agency to the production capacity, clear the "steel" and environmental supervision and 2 +26 urban air pollution control plan Excessive interpretation

We can see the recent steel prices with a record high has caused the concern of the relevant government and the Association, if the late prices continue to stretch,not rule out the regulatory authorities will have the relevant intervention policy

2.Off-season factors and high steel prices to suppress demand:This week industrial added value, investment and other data of July will be officially announced, experts said infrastructure investment and real estate investment have downward pressure in July , especially infrastructure investment, a seasonal slowdown in the law, or hot weather, financial Expenditure is slowing down. At the same time the recent surge in steel prices has made construction costs rose sharply, end users on the current high prices wait and see attitude intensified, is expected next week or the overall demand will slow down.

3.There is a variable in the supply side of the market:This week, Hebei steel mills heating quarterly production program introduced.Hebei Bazhou forward steel and Handan vertical and horizontal steel production as a whole to withdraw from the market.This confidence to form a strong boost.However, this week, Steel Association meeting pointed out that the market has been excessive speculation on environmental issues, the northern steel plant heating season will not be one size fits all, or will reduce the market to a certain extent, the market outlook is expected to reduce

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