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Japanese steel company counterfeits to ferment! Many Chinese factories are involved!

On October 13 Kobe Steel Ltd reported that the company has found similar violations in nine aluminum, copper and steel products.

Kobe Steel Ltd , Japan's third-biggest steelmaker, has officially confirmed that the main steelmaking products are in violation of the rules, that made it sink deeper into the mafias of the scandal. Previously, the company reported that the company's production of aluminum copper products, iron powder products and the company's "kobe steel research" production of LCD screen materials involved data counterfeiting.

On October 13,It is confirmed that there is data fraud in the aluminium and copper sectors, while steel may also be hidden.

At 4 p.m., the company held an emergency conference to explain the findings of the company's data on tampering with steel products. In a news conference, the company confirmed that the number of customers affected was about 500, plus the number of customers previously announced. That figure is more than double the number of "about 200" previously claimed.

The report shows that:  five kinds of products are made in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China copper pipe, copper and aluminum alloy wire, etc., during the period of September 2016 to August 2017 to 216 customers delivered of about 2633 tons; The remaining four products are steel products made in China and Japan, and steel products such as special steel, which deliver about 8,374 tons to 22 customers over the period.

The company also has a presence in China, since 2010 had its headquarters in Shanghai, with car plates and aluminum parts in anshan, liaoning, suzhou and tianjin.

It is understood that several Chinese factories were involved in the fraud. Misconduct is involved and god steel company located in China including suzhou electronic material co., LTD., jiangyin FaErSheng sugita god steel spring wire co., LTD., a new spring steel wire (foshan) co., LTD.



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