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China's electricity price dropped 1 point 1 can save electricity costs 35 billion yuan

And the people's life is closely related to the price of electricity since last year continued to decline. Reporters on the 30th from the State Grid Corporation was informed that has been levied for more than 50 years of urban utility surcharges have recently been canceled, this will enable our average price per kilo lower by about 1 point. According to the national sales of electricity, can save the whole society electricity costs about 35 billion yuan.
Many people think that electricity prices have a unified standard. But in fact a sheet of residential electricity payment bills, with a number of "additional" costs.
"There are seven additional government funds and additional funds in the electricity price, of which there are six items that are directly levied to the user, including the city public utility surcharge, the national major water conservancy construction fund, the reservoir resettlement support fund, the rural net repayment fund Etc .. "State Grid Corporation of the Ministry of Finance Price Director Lu Dong told reporters that the six total price of about 6% of the total.
In 2017, the company implemented a new round of fee reduction measures, including the full advancement of the remaining provincial power grid transmission and distribution price reform, to stop the railway transport enterprises, in addition to the city's public utility surcharges, the company's full-time press spokesman Wang Yanfang said, Charge the electrified railway repayment price, expand the power generation enterprises and users direct trade scale.
In 2016, the State Grid Corporation of multi-measures simultaneously, play a platform role, reduce the user cost of more than 140 billion yuan. Among them, the provinces and cities have been approved to reduce the price of electricity and electricity over 11 billion yuan; strict implementation of the "two-way pricing mode of implementation of the policy" to reduce the basic electricity costs of more than 13 billion yuan; expansion of power generation enterprises and power users direct transactions, Saving electricity over 30 billion yuan; strict implementation of coal and electricity linkage price adjustment policy, three times to reduce the amount of industrial and commercial power 90 billion yuan.

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