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Anshan Iron and Steel Standard leads the development of trough rail industry

China Steel News Network News (China Metallurgical News reporter Zhou Jinxian correspondent Wang Jin) Recently, by the Anshan Iron and Steel Company led the preparation of the "urban tram trough rail" industry standards approved in Beijing, the experts agreed that the standard real docking market , To meet the tram industry design, selection, construction requirements, reached the international advanced level.

Due to the special structure, complex cross-section, high technical content, rolling difficulties, "groove track" known as "the king of the track." In recent years, the rapid development of domestic urban rail transit, subway trough rail demand needs, and there is an overwhelming trend. Slot rail is the strategic product of Anshan Iron and Steel Company, in order to make the steel channel of Anshan Iron and Steel can occupy the market, stand firm market, meet the user design, construction requirements, as early as 2015, Anshan Iron and Steel and trams two leading enterprises - Suzhou has Tram base and Shanghai Urban Construction Institute for technical exchanges. In view of the users in the visit according to the European standard supply rail, the rail profile geometric size deviation can not be very good to meet the follow-up line laying, construction requirements, especially the rail and the road side of the asymmetry, rail height, rail Width and other technical indicators seriously affect the construction of the rail, welding operations and the wheel wear, profile matching and other issues, Anshan side of the key indicators to grasp the side, to proceed with the development of "urban tram trough rail" corporate standards, and invited Two user units to saddle attend the enterprise standard validation meeting, listen to the user's comments and suggestions.

Industry standards for the meeting, Anshan Iron and Steel as the editorial unit adhere to the "high starting point, high threshold, high quality" to develop industry standards to Anshan Iron and Steel enterprises in the steel section of the geometric size deviation, end distortion and other advanced indicators as the leading scientific criteria to determine The indicators, by the Shanghai Urban Construction Institute and Suzhou tram users of the high degree of recognition, the lead of the preparation of the standards of Angang to give a high degree of recognition.

Industry sources said that at present, the domestic cities are increasing investment in subway construction. Anshan Iron and Steel led the preparation of the "urban tram trough rail" industry standards to achieve the level of foreign advanced standards and the level of domestic enterprises to break through the brothers, and further consolidate the Anshan Iron and Steel in the field of rails leading position in order to seize the city Rail market won the initiative.

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